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(M1)‌‌ Needle Still Points North

EGB SUMMARY: EGB have stayed better bid throughout the session, no surprises
there with investors looking at safer asset, following big Risk off into
equities, particularly since we are heading into the weekend.. 
-Bund tested that -0.429% yield which was situated at 174.83. And got an extra
small push on the MNI Chicago PMI release, printing the lower number since
December 2015. 
-Tnotes rallied and took Bunds along for the ride. With the latter printing a
174.93 high. 
- Italian BTP sold off a tad, with no catalyst, possibly short term squaring,
helping extend the bounce in the Bund/BTP spread at the high of the day, albeit
in a much more limited move that we have had of late. 
-Italy is 2bps wider to the Bund.
- Bund futures are up 0.29 today at 174.86 
- BTP futures down -0.10 at 147.87 
- OAT futures up 0.25 at 167.05.