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Bank of Japan (BOJ) Market News

The Bank of Japan targets inflation at 2% and ensures the stability of the wider financial system. At present, it uses its yield curve control policy, a the short-term policy interest rate at -0.1% and the long-term policy interest rate at around zero percent. With Japan's core consumer price index still far below the 2% target and the BOJ board's median forecast for the inflation rate in fiscal 2023 to March 2024 just 1%, BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, whose the second five-year term ends in April 2023, is unlikely achieve the price stability target before he steps down. The BOJ holds its policy-decision meeting eight times a year and the bank releases its quarter Outlook Report in January, April, July and October. Policy decisions are usually around 0300GMT on decision day.

  • Exclusive Bank of Japan Insight stories - based on extensive reporting by MNI journalists.
  • Exclusive on-the-record interviews with current and ex members of the Bank of Japan board.
  • MNI Central bank policy analysis – before and after key meetings. This includes:
    • MNI POV (Point of View) – The MNI Market team's view on what the key themes to watch in the decision/press conference/forecasts and possible market reaction.
    • MNI Central Bank Data Watch - key economic variables that are important to global markets and percentage movements since the last central bank meeting.
    • Market-leading insights into central bank policy, from sell-side note summaries to full meeting previews/reviews for major central banks.
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