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USDMXN Remains Above March 2021 Highs


JAPAN FIX - 29/11/21

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Germany, the Netherlands and France sold E15.4bln of bills on Monday. Spain, Austria and the ESM sold another E5.4bln on Tuesday. The EU then sold E3.0bln on Wednesday.

  • Germany will sold 5/11-month bubills: allotting E2.583bln of the 5-month Mar 23, 2022 bubill and E2.728bln of the 11-month Sep 21, 2022 bubill with issuance volumes for both of E3bln.
  • The Netherlands then sold E2.6bln of DTCs against a E3-5bln target: E1.08bln of the 3.5-month Jan 28, 2022 DTC and E1.52bln of the 5.5-month Mar 30, 2022 DTC.
  • Monday afternoon, France sold E6.792bln of BTFs, the top of the target range: E3.100bln of the new 13-week Jan 19, 2022 BTF, E1.998bln of the 20-week Mar 9, 2022 BTF and E1.694bln of the 50-week Oct 5, 2022 BTF.
  • Spain sold E1.926bln of E1.5-2.5bln 3/9-month letras on Tuesday: E446mln 3-month Jan 14, 2022 letras and E1.480bln 9-month Jul 8, 2022 letras.
  • Austria then allotted E761mln of the new 3-month Jan 27, 2022 ATB and E916mln of the new 6-month Apr 28, 2022 ATB. Issuance volumes for both were E1bln.
  • Tuesday's issuance concluded with the ESM selling E1.5bln of the new 6-month Apr 21, 2022 bill.
  • Yesterday, the EU sold E2.998bln of EU-bills: E1.499bln of the 3-month Jan 7, 2022 EU-bill and E1.499bln of the 6-month Apr 8, 2022 EU-bill.