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(N1) Corrective Pullback

EGBs/GILTs: UK Shadow Chancellor.......>

BOND SUMMARY: EGBs/GILTs: UK Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has stated that
taxation needs to 'attack gross levels of inequality'. This comes on the back of
proposals to nationalise strategic industries under a Labour government.
- The focus today will be on the leadership debate this evening at 2000GMT,
which will be the first such debate between a sitting prime minister and the
leadership of the opposition to be televised. 
- Gilts are trading slightly firmer this morning. Current yield levels: 2-year
0.565%, 5-year 0.530%, 10-year 0.740%, 30-year 1.270%.
- Core EGBs are soft this morning, albeit with trading in a relatively tight
- German bund current yield levels: 2-year -0.627%, 5-year -0.575%, 10-year
-0.331%, 30-year 0.189%.    
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