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  • On Saturday Erdogan announced his intent to declare a US Ambassador and 9 envoys persona-non grata after they joined the call to release Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala – acknowledging the 4-year mark since he was arrested.
    • Foreign Affairs advisor to the President Cevik says "the President is very determined on this subject. He [Erdogan] thinks that turkey has been insulted unprecedentedly."
    • European Parliament President Sassoli says the "expulsions are a sign of authoritarian drift from the Turkish Govt. We will not be intimidated"
  • Defense Min Alkar says France-Greece military agreement harms NATO and undermines bilateral relations with Turkey. This comes after Akar had noted on Friday that he expected to see "positive results from recent meetings with his Greek counterparts in the coming days."
    • Greek PM had salso said on Friday that Turkey must choose whether it wants to uphold international law or continue provocations
  • Akar also notes Turkey has begun 'technical works' to acquire US F-16 jets on Saturday. This comes after a deal for the jets was proposed to offset the prior attempts to purchase US F-35s. However, it is worth noting that Defence industries Chief Demir said that Turkey could acquire Russian jets, should the US fail to deliver F-16s
  • Turkey slams Israeli plans for new settlements in the West Bank in a press release on Saturday, saying the unilateral and unlawful expansion of illegal settlements destroy the vision of a two state solution which is the only last option for peace. Turkey calls on the international community to ensure the protection of Palestinian territorie
  • Centre-right IYI party (part of Nation Alliance) launches its prime ministerial campaign for its leader Meral Aksener, reiterating its call for an enhanced parliamentary system vs the current presidential system. Opposition also called on Erdogan to mend Turkey's economy instead of targeting US envoys – Duvar