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EURO SUMMARY: Euro/dollar: Europe open $1.1812, range $1.1802-18, NY open
$1.18.15, range $1.1715-1.1818
*The rate slipped towards $1.1810 in early NY, however traders have noted very
little flow or volume going through.
*The release of stronger US job openings, witnessed broad based
dollar demand, as the rate dropped to a new intra-day low of $1.1780.
*A further round dollar buying, following the release of
US jobs openings, saw the rate fall to a new intra-day low of $1.1766.
*Stops were triggered through the break of $1.1750 following further reaction to
positive JOLTS data. The rate printed a new intra-day low of $1.1733.
*Broad based pressure on the euro through the crosses, has seen stops
triggered through the break of $1.1730, with the rate printing a new intra-day
low of $1.1715. 
*The dollar pared back its gains in reaction to US Tsys yields and
concerns over North Korea, with the rate jumping to recovery highs of $1.1770.
*Tier 1 institution's were reported taking profit, pushing the rate to $1.1750.