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     LONDON, NOVEMBER 8 (MNI) - Below are the known dates for auctions of
European bonds and U.K. gilts. In addition, forthcoming syndication deals in the
pipeline are also listed below, along with a summary of recent MNI exclusive
comments from EMU debt agencies.
DATE        GMT      COUNTRY        AMOUNT                     DETAILS   COMMENT
13 Nov     0935      Germany       E4.0bln         Schatz 0.00% Dec-20       New
13 Nov     0920        Italy     TBA 9 Nov                     BTP M/L
13 Nov     0900  Netherlands   E0.5-1.0bln                Long OTR DSL
14 Nov     0935      Germany       E1.5bln           Bund 1.25% Aug-48   Re-open
15 Nov     1030           UK       E2.0bln           Gilt 1.75% Sep-37   Re-open
19 Nov     1030      Belgium    TBA 16 Nov                  TBA 12 Nov
19 Nov     1030     Slovakia       E1.0bln            SGB 1.00% Jun-28   Re-open
19 Nov     1030     Slovakia       E0.5bln           SBG 3.625% Jan-29   Re-open
20 Nov     1030           UK    TBA 13 Nov      Gilt I/L 0.125% Nov-56   Re-open
21 Nov     0935      Germany       E3.0bln           Bobl 0.00% Oct-23   Re-open
22 Nov     0845        Spain    TBA 19 Nov                   Bono/Obli
22 Nov     0850       France    TBA 16 Nov             M/T OATs, OATEi
27 Nov     0920        Italy    TBA 22 Nov                   CTZ/BTPEi
28 Nov     0935      Germany       E2.0bln           Bund 0.25% Aug-28
29 Nov     0920        Italy    TBA 26 Nov                     BTP M/L
4 Dec      1030           UK    TBA 27 Nov              Gilt 1% Apr-24   Re-open
5 Dec      0845        Spain     TBA 2 Dec                   Bono/Obli
6 Dec      1030           UK    TBA 29 Nov           Gilt 1.75% Jan-49   Re-open
6 Dec      0850       France    TBA 30 Nov             M/T OATs, OATEi
6 Dec      0850       France    TBA 30 Nov                      L OATs
11 Dec     0935      Germany       E3.0bln         Schatz 0.00% Dec-20
12 Dec     1030           UK     TBA 5 Dec      Gilt I/L 0.125% Aug-48   Re-open
13 Dec     0845        Spain    TBA 10 Dec                   Bono/Obli
13 Dec     0920        Italy    TBA 10 Dec                     BTP M/L
27 Dec     0920        Italy    TBA 20 Dec                   CTZ/BTPEi
28 Dec     0920        Italy    TBA 21 Dec                     BTP M/L
3 Jan      0845        Spain     TBA 1 Jan                   Bono/Obli
17 Jan     0845        Spain    TBA 14 Jan                   Bono/Obli
     NETHERLANDS: The Dutch state is to issue green bonds as of 2019, Wopke
Hoekstra, the finance minister has announced. This would make the Netherlands
the first AAA-rated country to issue government bonds aimed at financing
sustainable investments.
EUROZONE: Syndication calendar in rest of 2018 set to be very light. MNI hears
from market sources there could be 10-Yr Greece nominal issue, Italy L/T Linker
but nothing confirmed.
- Market volatility may have dissuaded Athens from issuing in near future
(according to press reports from Oct 23 citing ESM and Greek Finance Minister).
EUROZONE: The EFSF, the European Financial Stability Facility (AA/(P)Aa1/AA) has
sent a Request for Proposal to a selection of banks from the EFSF/ESM Market
Group with regards to an upcoming transaction scheduled for the week of 05th
November 2018, subject to market conditions.
--MNI London Bureau; +44 203 865 3806; email:

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