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Gilt curve and the Pound


PLN Weakness Is Weighing on Polish Equities


Some dip buying emerging

ISSUANCE: FMS Wertmanagement (guarantee from Financial Market Stabilisation Fund
of The Federal Republic of Germany (SoFFin) is selling a 6Y GBP 
- Issue Ratings: Aaa / AAA Issue 
- Size: GBP Benchmark 
- Maturity: 7 September 2023 
- Settlement: 17 October 2017 (T+5) 
- Coupon: []% Annual, act/act 
- Guidance: UKT 2.25% Sep 2023 +34 bp area 
- Leads: Barclays, BofAML and J.P. Morgan Timing: Books open, today's business 
- Books over GBP260m inc. GBP50m JLM interest