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AUSSIE-KIWI TECHS: Focus Returns To NZ$1.0588-1.0650
*RES 4: NZ$1.0830 - 55-WMA
*RES 3: NZ$1.0802 - High Mar 12
*RES 2: NZ$1.0700 - Low Mar 9 now resistance
*RES 1: NZ$1.0663 - Hourly resistance Mar 19
*PRICE: NZ$1.0646 @ 2030GMT
*SUP 1: NZ$1.0590 - Daily Bear channel base
*SUP 2: NZ$1.0588 - Low July 31
*SUP 3: NZ$1.0491 - Low July 13
*SUP 4: NZ$1.0464 - LT Rising TL off 2015 Low
*COMMENTARY: The sell-off from last week's hesitation around NZ$1.0802 has
resulted in fresh 2018 & 9mth lows with immediate focus on NZ$1.0464-1.0590
where the bear channel base and rising TL off 2015 lows are situated. Studies
are well placed for losses but the Bollinger base (NZ$1.0654) is the key concern
for bears. Bulls now need a close above NZ$1.0700 to ease bearish pressure and
target a correction back to NZ$1.0802-63.