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US Stock Futures Look to Test Week's Lows Ahead of NY Open


Larger FX Option Pipeline


Overnight Trade Recap

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Previous offer-to-cover ratios: most recent first (2.56x, 3.37x, 2.51x, 3.15x, 2.07x).

Medium Gilts Offers BOE buys Prev offers Prev buys
1.625% Oct-28 GBP176.6m GBP29.4m GBP311.7m GBP29.6m
0.50% Jan-29 GBP887.1m GBP795.0m GBP848.7m GBP227.8m
0.875% Oct-29 GBP139.0m GBP29.8m GBP149.8m GBP0.0m
0.375% Oct-30 GBP160.1m GBP0.0m GBP468.0m GBP236.8m
0.25% Jul-31 N/A N/A N/A N/A
0.875% Jul-33 Green GBP395.7m GBP54.5m GBP280.1m GBP124.9m
0.625% Jul-35 GBP229.0m GBP50.3m GBP289.3m GBP0.0m
4.25% Mar-36 GBP272.6m GBP90.8m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
1.75% Sep-37 GBP53.2m GBP0.0m GBP45.0m GBP45.0m
4.75% Dec-38 GBP30.9m GBP30.9m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
1.125% Jan-39 GBP91.7m GBP33.8m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m
4.25% Sep-39 GBP113.2m GBP32.3m GBP546.7m GBP482.9m
4.25% Dec-40 GBP15.1m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m GBP0.0m