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RIKSBANK: Highlights from the Riksbank Minutes (2/2)
- Floden: "lowering the repo rate today would have been counterproductive. The
economy would not benefit from an even weaker krona. The impact on lending rates
would be uncertain as stress on the financial markets is high. And, in addition,
stimulating general demand is of doubtful value when the economy has largely
been shut down." "I do not rule out the possibility that it can be motivated to
lower the repo rate to negative levels once the economy has started to open up."
- Breman: "I would like to emphasise that I do not in any way exclude the
possibility of a rate cut in the future. For me it is not a question of "saving
our ammunition", but of implementing the monetary policy measures that create
the best conditions for a good recovery in the Swedish economy in the long run."
"The repo rate path could have contained a probability of a rate cut, for
instance, in the autumn. The problem with this is that it could give the
impression of a precision that we cannot have at present."