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  • Biden voices support for ceasefire in phone call with Netanyahu, calling on parties to make every attempt to protect innocent civilians
    • a stance that diverges from his previous position that Israel has a right to defend itself.
    • Netanyahu, however, said he wants to complete all the goals of the Gaza operation before a ceasefire
  • Overnight, six shells were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel, but fell short of crossing the border, the Israeli military said, adding that it fired artillery at "the sources of the launches" in Lebanon
  • UNSC to meet today on Israel, Gaza for fourth meeting. Earlier efforts to issue a statement from the council demanding a ceasefire have been blocked by the US.
  • No immediate reports of casualties from overnight strikes. At least 212 Palestinians with more than 1,400 people wounded.
    • state of emergency in the mixed Israeli town of Lod, a flashpoint for violence between Arab and Jewish neighbours, has been extended for another two days over fears of further unrest.
    • General strikes have planned for today in Arab towns within Israel and Palestinian towns in the West Bank.
  • al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas) announce new massive bombardments of Israeli cities and army bases in response to IDF airstrikes. In particular, Hamas claimed an attack on an Israeli naval ship, but Israeli forces claimed rockets missed their target.