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  • Japan's exports rose 2.0% y/y in December, wiping off some of the previous 4.2% fall and marking the first rise in 25 months. Exports for the year 2020 fell 11.1% y/y.
  • Imports reported an 11.6% y/y decrease in December, dropping slightly from the 11.1% y/y fall registered in November. Imports fell 13.8% y/y in the Jan-Dec period.
  • December's trade balance was a surplus of Y751.0 billion, expanded from last month's Y366.8 billion surplus.
  • Exports to China surged 10.2% y/y while those to the United States and the European Union fell 0.7% y/y and 1.6% y/y respectively.
  • Imports from the United States and the European Union registered falls of 21.9% y/y and 4.0% y/y respectively. Imports from China grew 1.8% y/y.