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US TSYS: /KOREA: Ron Quigley, head of US corp. bond syndicate at
service-disabled broker Mischler Fincl, eyed US/N.Korea tension and US Pres.
Trump saying N.Korea "best not make any more threats" to US "or they will be met
with fire and fury like the world has never seen." Quigley said it's odd "VIX
volatility index or 'Fear Factor' is still carrying a '10' handle. What is wrong
with this picture, people? The US Congress and Senate are officially on recess,
which is quite European in its length: they do not reconvene until Tuesday, Sep.
5." He adds all of August "takes Washington out of the picture. That in and of
itself could be a good thing." He said "pt is" given "myriad geopolitical event
risk factors, it is quite clear that something's rotten in the state of, well,
anywhere. Saddam Hussein had 4 missile silos with rockets aimed toward Israel
right after he attacked Kuwait. Conversely, it is estimated that North Korea has
10,000 to 15,000 missile silos armed and aimed at Seoul/Inchon, the world's 4th
largest city by population at 17.5 mln," and "world's 5th most densely populated
city." The US challenge has "shifted from maintaining security on the Korean
peninsula to focusing much more on defending the continental US," he said.