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Latest opinion poll from Survation shows a sizeable slump in support for the centre-left Labour Party, with the 33% support level the lowest the party has recorded since May 2020 (a period during the first COVID-19 lockdown when support for the governing Conservatives was high).

  • CON: 39% (-1), LAB: 33% (-5), LDM: 9% (+2), GRN: 7% (+2), SNP: 5% (+1) Via Survation, 5-6 Feb. Changes w/ 12-13 Jan.
  • While the Conservatives also recorded a small decline in the latest poll, down 1% to 39%, the substantial decline for Labour could be of concern to leader Sir Keir Starmer given chatter in Westminster regarding his leadership ability. Of course one poll could be an outlier, but if the trend is maintained it could lead to louder internal dissent from within the party.
  • Some on the left of the Labour party have raised questions regarding party strategy given the Conservatives' ability to retain support despite one of the worst records in the world on COVID-19 deaths per head of population.
  • The UK's fast vaccine rollout has undoubtedly provided a timely boost to the Johnson gov't, but remains to be seen whether this support can be maintained in the aftermath of the pandemic.
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