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(M9) All Time Highs Out of.....>

AUSSIE 10-YEAR TECHS: (M9) All Time Highs Out of Reach
*RES 3: 98.6367 - First Pivot Resistance (97.1900 - 98.2850)
*RES 2: 98.3871 - Uptrend from Sep'18
*RES 1: 98.2850 - All Time Highs (Mar27)
*PRICE: 98.2150 @ 15:31 BST, Apr 24
*SUP 1: 98.0311 - 50-dma
*SUP 2: 97.1900 - Nov 9 low
*SUP 3: 97.1450 - Jun7/8 low
The worst turn out for CPI since 2016 saw Aussie bonds rally across the curve,
but 10yr futures failed to breach all time highs, which remain intact at
98.2850. Nonetheless, momentum trends remain solely in bulls' favour headed into
the final two sessions of the week (although ANZAC day will likely keep volumes
thin Thursday). Should bulls take out 98.2850, the uptrend drawn from September
2018 kicks in at 98.3871 and may provide firmer resistance.
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