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PLN Weakens Amid Quiet NBP


Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaking on the Senate floor says it is "highly likely" they have to work through the weekend. He also talks up the prospect of a deal being reached, saying the talks are 'at the one-yard line'.

  • "A bipartisan, bicameral agreement appears to be close at hand."
  • "We're very close to a point that arises in every major negotiation.. where each side faces a fork in the road, and we want to lapse into politics as usual.. or on the other hand after months of inaction do we want to move swiftly and with unusual bipartisanship. In short, we're near the point in this process where we're either going to stay on the fast track or drift back towards business as usual."
  • "We're going to stay right here until we're finished. Even if it means working through the weekend, which is highly likely. We in Congress are no strangers to December funding deadline or the occasional pre-Christmas cliffhanger...Funding for the federal gov't is hanging in the balance."
  • In the event a continuing resolution is required to ensure federal funding is continued beyond Friday 18 Dec he says he hopes it is for a "very, very short period of time."