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     BEIJING (MNI) - The following lists highlights from China press reports on
     Some local banking regulators are pushing large banks to tighten the
recognition of NPLs from the current 90 days to just 60 days, China Securities
Journal reported on today. Regulators are looking to improve banks' asset
quality, but the move would pressure bank profitability in the short-term as
they are likely to increase their reserves, Everbright Securities chief banking
analysts Wang Yifeng said, the paper reported.
     Infrastructure investment growth is expected to rebound to around 10 to 15%
this year, said Wang Qing, chief macroeconomic analyst at credit-rating agency
Dongfang Jincheng, the Securities Daily reports. This could add one percentage
point to GDP growth, 0.2 percentage point more than in 2018, the Wang said.
     Banks are paying higher rates on deposit accounts to help pull in funds
from the public, the Economic Daily said in a commentary piece today.
Individuals will benefit, but bank operating costs will rise, with medium and
small banks in particular under pressure, the paper said.
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