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FR Business Climate Dipped Slightly in July

     BEIJING (MNI) - The following lists highlights from the Chinese press for
     Some provincial and municipal governments are planning to issue bonds as
early as January, sooner than in the previous years, said Shanghai Securities
Journal today citing an anonymous official at a local finance department.
Issuing in advance may help accelerate the expansion of new bonds and support
local finances, the newspaper said. Though the specific issuance quota and
timing need approvals by the Finance Ministry, the scale of local government
bonds is expected to expand for the year ahead, the newspaper said citing the
     Household lending should not be encouraged to further expand sharply, as
the high leverage ratio of Chinese residents has become an increasing risk, said
The Paper on Wednesday night citing Li Yang, the chairman of National
Institution for Finance & Development(NIFD). The leverage ratio among residents
has increased to 52.2% in the third quarter of 2018, from 49% in 2017, with the
total debt by households increasing to CNY46.2 trillion, The Paper said.
     Replenishing China commercial banks' capital will help boost lending,
better support the real economy, ease the financing difficulty of private and
small companies, as well as crack down the shadow banking, said Economic Daily
today citing Ma Jun, a member of the PBOC's Monetary Policy Committee following
the central bank's statement yesterday on the plan to launch the issuance of
perpetual bonds to help banks replenish capital. The measure will also increase
banks' capacity to resist risks and expand credits, which will boost confidence
in the capital markets, especially for banking stocks, the Daily said citing Ma.
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