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     BEIJING (MNI) - The following lists highlights from Chinese press reports
on Wednesday:
     The situation in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan city and Hubei province
had improved and important milestones had been achieved through hard work,
Chinese President Xi Jinping said during his first visit to Wuhan since the
outbreak. The official Xinhua News Agency reported comments from Xi, who said
the task of epidemic control was still arduous, and prevention remained the top
     Chinese listed companies in parts of Hubei province outside of the epidemic
epicentre of Wuhan city have gradually resumed production from Tuesday, the
Shanghai Securities Journal reported. Some companies in Wuhan have also resumed
operation on a small scale, according to the Journal. As the situation improves,
traffic checkpoints inside Hubei set to slow the epidemic earlier have largely
been lifted, the report said.
     The People's Bank of China has clamped down on illegal high-interest-rate
deposits which have tempted homebuyers to withdraw funds to pay mortgages in
advance, according to a report in Securities Times based on interviews with
depositors. Citing Zhao Yaxun, an analyst with the Citic Foundation for Reform
and Development Studies, the Times reported that the central bank wants to
alleviate pressure in the money market and lower financing costs by tightening
the regulation of high-interest deposits. 
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