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     BEIJING (MNI) - Chinese President Xi Jinping told U.S. President Donald
Trump in a phone conversation Wednesday night that China's "unswerving goal" is
to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and preserve peace and stability in the
region, Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday.
     The call came after North Korea's test launch this week of a ballistic
missile that the United States military said could reach anywhere on the U.S.
mainland. The U.S. military said previous North Korea tests proved its missiles
could hit as far away as Alaska or Hawaii. 
     Trump responded to the latest test by saying the U.S. would impose
"additional major sanctions" on Pyongyang, without specifying what those
sanctions would be. He also said in a Twitter message that he had spoken with Xi
about North Korea's "provocative actions," adding that "This situation will be
     In New York, the United Nations Security Council was reportedly meeting to
discuss possible new sanctions against North Korea, including measures that
would allow North Korean ships to be stopped and searched as they sail on the
high seas. 
     Xi said in his call with Trump that China would continue to communicate
with the United States and "all other related parties" on the matter while
pushing for a peaceful resolution of the issue, the Xinhua report said. 
     In response, Trump said "Washington highly values China's important role in
solving the nuclear issue, and is willing to enhance communications and
coordination with China in search for solutions to the issue," the report said.
     In an editorial on Thursday, China's nationalistic Global Times newspaper
said North Korea's progress in missile tests had "superseded Washington's
expectations," and called U.S. foreign policy on North Korea "nothing by an
abysmal failure."
     It said that by counting on China's support for a new round of "Trump
administration pressure tactics," Washington has "placed China in a precarious
situation by asking for more than what was originally expected by the U.N.
Security Council regarding the previous round of North Korea sanctions." 
     "China has always carried out U.N. Security measures, however, it will
refuse extra responsibilities stemming from both sides," the editorial said. 
     "It is time the U.S. realized that increasing and tightening sanctions
already in place will not have the desired effect," the editorial said. "Since
yesterday, Pyongyang has never been this confident. Condemnations from the U.N.
Security Council and the new sanctions that may follow will solve nothing."
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