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WTI Narrows in on Cycle High

14 September 2017
By Kyle Shortland
Please click on this link to access MNI's daily Dollar-Asia FX Technical
Analysis Pdf
DOLLAR-SING TECHS: Bulls Look for Close Above 21-DMA
*RES 4: Sgd1.3625 - 55-DMA 
*RES 3: Sgd1.3584 - High Sept 4 
*RES 2: Sgd1.3545 - 21-DMA 
*RES 1: Sgd1.3513 - High Sept 13
*PRICE: Sgd1.3506 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Sgd1.3477 - Alternating daily support/resistance, 200-WMA 
*SUP 2: Sgd1.3425 - High Sept 8 now support 
*SUP 3: Sgd1.3408 - Bollinger band base 
*SUP 4: Sgd1.3342 - 2017 Low Sept 8
*COMMENTARY: The recovery from Friday's 2017 lows continues with bulls now
looking for a close above the 21-DMA to add support to their case and above
Sgd1.3584 to initially pressure the 55-DMA. The Sgd1.3477 level is now initial
support with bears needing a close below to gain breathing room. A close below
Sgd1.3425 remains needed to return initial focus to recent 2017 lows. Daily
studies have room to move before O/B is an issue.
DOLLAR-WON TECHS: Krw1119.0 & Krw1136.1 Levels Key
*RES 4: Krw1144.1 - High Aug 18
*RES 3: Krw1140.1 - Low Aug 18 now resistance
*RES 2: Krw1136.1 - High Sept 6
*RES 1: Krw1132.4 - 55-DMA
*PRICE: Krw1128.5 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Krw1125.1 - Low Sept 8
*SUP 2: Krw1119.6 - Bollinger band base
*SUP 3: Krw1119.0 - Low Aug 28
*SUP 4: Krw1114.3 - High July 27 now support
*COMMENTARY: A triangle has developed on the dailies that sees the Krw1119.0 &
Krw1136.1 levels as key. Bulls continue to look for a break above Krw1136.1 to
confirm a topside break and return initial focus to Krw1140.1-1148.1 where the
200-DMA and bear channel top are situated. Bears need a close below Krw1119.0 to
confirm a break to the downside and return initial focus to 2017 lows. Daily
studies remain at neutral levels.
DOLLAR-MYR TECHS: Bears Focused On Myr4.1400-1451
*RES 4: Myr4.2575 - Low Aug 29 now resistance 
*RES 3: Myr4.2485 - High Sept 6 
*RES 2: Myr4.2380 - Low Sept 6 now resistance 
*RES 1: Myr4.2210 - High Sept 7
*PRICE: Myr4.1888 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Myr4.1800 - Low Nov 9 
*SUP 2: Myr4.1700 - Low Oct 27 
*SUP 3: Myr4.1451 - Daily Bear channel base 
*SUP 4: Myr4.1400 - Low Oct 11
*COMMENTARY: The pair is again looking heavy with pressure back on 2017 lows
following the failure to trouble the key Myr4.2210-2.80 resistance region. O/S
daily studies and the Bollinger base (Myr4.1890) remain key concerns for bears
with potential to limit follow through. In saying that, bears now focus on
Myr4.1400-1451 where the daily bear channel base is situated. Bulls need a close
above Myr4.2210 to ease bearish pressure.
DOLLAR-CNH TECHS: Bears Need Close Below Cnh6.5023
*RES 4: Cnh6.6131 - High Aug 30 
*RES 3: Cnh6.5827 - Low Aug 30 now resistance 
*RES 2: Cnh6.5663 - High Sept 4 
*RES 1: Cnh6.5507 - High Sept 6
*PRICE: Cnh6.5346 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Cnh6.5053 - Low Sept 11 
*SUP 2: Cnh6.4442 - 200-WMA 
*SUP 3: Cnh6.4425 - 2017 Low Sept 8 
*SUP 4: Cnh6.4140 - Low Nov 25 2015
*COMMENTARY: The dip below the 200-WMA resulted in fresh 2017 and nearly 2year
lows Friday although the lack of follow through is hinting at a bigger
correction back to Cnh6.5827-6131 where the 21-DMA is located. Daily studies
correcting from very O/S levels add support the bullish case. Initial support
remains at Cnh6.5053 with bears needing a close below to ease bullish pressure
and return initial focus to 2017 lows.
DOLLAR-PHP TECHS: Bulls Need Close Above Php51.390
*RES 4: Php51.630 - 2017 High Aug 18 
*RES 3: Php51.390 - Low Aug 18 now resistance 
*RES 2: Php51.250 - High Sept 4 
*RES 1: Php51.115 - 21-DMA
*PRICE: Php50.975 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Php50.830 - Low Sept 11 
*SUP 2: Php50.675 - Low Sept 8 
*SUP 3: Php50.667 - Daily Bull channel base 
*SUP 4: Php50.550 - Low Aug 9
*COMMENTARY: The dip below the 55-DMA (Php50.758) lacked follow through Friday
with bulls finding support ahead of the daily bull channel base. Daily studies
correcting higher add support to the bullish case for a test of the
Php51.250-390 resistance region although the 21-DMA may slow the move. Bears now
need a close below Php50.830 to ease pressure on the 21-DMA and retain focus on
the daily bull channel base.
DOLLAR-THB TECHS: Bulls Need Close Above 21-DMA
*RES 4: Thb33.55 - Daily Bear channel top 
*RES 3: Thb33.53 - High July 26 
*RES 2: Thb33.41 - High July 27, 55-DMA 
*RES 1: Thb33.18 - 21-DMA
*PRICE: Thb33.13 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Thb33.01 - 2017 Low Sept 7 & 8 
*SUP 2: Thb32.98 - Monthly Low May 1 2015 
*SUP 3: Thb32.55 - Daily Bear channel base 
*SUP 4: Thb32.52 - Low Apr 27 2015
*COMMENTARY: Hesitation ahead of May 2015 monthly lows continues with the 21-DMA
continuing to cap. Bulls need a close above the 21-DMA to confirm an easing of
bearish pressure. Bulls then need a close above the 55-DMA to shift focus to
layers of resistance Thb33.53-55 where the longer-term bear channel top is
located. Bears still need a close below Thb32.98 to retain focus on Thb32.52-55
where a channel base it noted.
DOLLAR-IDR TECHS: Bulls Need Close Above Idr13245
*RES 4: Idr13295 - Low July 19 now resistance 
*RES 3: Idr13270 - Low June 15 now resistance 
*RES 2: Idr13245 - Low Apr 13 now resistance 
*RES 1: Idr13222 - High Sept 12
*PRICE: Idr13201 @ 2300GMT
*SUP 1: Idr13175 - Low Sept 12 
*SUP 2: Idr13135 - 2017 Low Sept 11 
*SUP 3: Idr13049 - Low Sept 11 2016 
*SUP 4: Idr12975 - Low Oct 11 2016
*COMMENTARY: The pair looked heavy Friday following Thursday's close below the
100-DMA (Idr13222) and bears were not disappointed with a series of fresh 2017
and 12mth lows that now see bears targeting the 200-WMA. The move looks a little
O/S with an increased risk of a correction. Bulls now need a close above
Idr13245 to shift initial focus to Idr13270-295.
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