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(Z1) Off Lows, But Remains Weak


Still Vulnerable


Bullish Price Sequence

NatWest analyst Blake Gwinn said...>

US TSYS/RESEARCH: NatWest analyst Blake Gwinn said Treasuries came into the NY
session "on the back of a modest overnight selloff, which I would think is at
least partially driven by the unwind of some precautionary longs that were put
on Friday, out of concern that we could get further developments on North Korea
over the weekend." He adds that "we are currently sitting near the middle of the
post-March range, with daily momentum showing overbought and weekly momentum
essentially flat-lined."
- He said "but should the overnight selloff hold, or extend, during today's US
session it would form a clear morning star pattern on the daily chart and push
momentum towards crossing bearish. And fundamentally, we could see the North
Korea fears that dominated last week's trading start to subside a bit, or at
least for the price impact to start to diminish, as the initial shock of the
strong rhetoric starts to wear off a bit."