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Virus Continues To Spread In Jakarta


Upcoming Lowe Appearance Postponed


Curve Twist Steepens, Bucking The Trend


IRU1 Given

YEN: On the JPY heading into the BoJ rate decision on Monday, Citi write that
they like accumulating November USD/JPY options with a view that a September or
October move by the BoJ is far more likely, contingent on USDJPY being above 110
or so.
-Their FX strategy team add that while the market consensus remains moderate,
they believe the risk of the Bank to announce policy adjustments next week or
indicate the actions at the September meeting is higher than generally thought.
-Citi's non-consensus view is that we do not think BoJ action will simply lead
to JPY strength, we're even expecting it could weaken JPY against USD as
investors digest Kuroda's messaging. Therefore, Citi like buying USDJPY into the
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