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  • Putin made a notable turn in terms of relations yesterday saying Russia was ready to speak with NATO on military issues and speak with the EU on energy security to prevent imbalances.
    • He also agreed to add more gas supply to the market. On the flip-side he also warned that an arms race is underway between the US & Russia following Washington's withdrawal from the ABM treaty.
    • Nevertheless, he said that relations with the Biden administration had improved
  • Talks with Dmitry Kozak & US undersecretary Nuland end with an agreement for further discussions on the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine if the agreement on the special status of the Donbass as part of Ukraine is reached.
    • Kozak noted that the US agreed that the Minsk agreements were the only basis for resolution – stipulating a ceasefire, withdrawal of weapons, amnesty and the resumption of economic ties.
    • Additionally, Ukraine would enact profound constitutional reform built on dialogue with the DPR & LPR, but Ukraine has refused to comply with this format and rejected the dialogue with the DPR & LPR


  • Second day of Russian Energy Week commences with key OPEC & global Energy leaders speaking
  • 1200BST: CBR Deputy Gov Ksenia Yudeva speaks at financial forum