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The Social Democratic Party's lead is down to just one percent in the final opinion poll from outlet Allensbach before Sunday's federal election, putting the result well within the margin of error.

  • Allensbach/FAZ: SPD: 26,0% (-1,0), Union: 25,0%, GRÜNE: 16,0% (+0,5), FDP: 10,5% (+1,0), AfD: 10,0% (-1,0), LINKE: 5,0% (-1,0), Fieldwork 16-23 Sept, chgs w/ 08. September 2021, 1,554 respondents.
  • This poll represents the narrowest gap between the two main parties since the crossover in support between the CDU and SPD in August. While the two parties would likely receive a similar amount of seats given the close polling, whichever party comes out on top could be crucial in determining the composition of the next gov't and the identity of Chancellor Merkel's successor given that the largest party in the Bundestag is set to claim the first mandate to seek to form a majority gov't.
Chart 1. German Election Opinion Poll, %

Source:, Allensbach