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Split vote expected this week


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UK: Split within the Brexit Party (BXP) regarding its electoral strategy.
- Some in favour of fielding a wide range of candidates across around 600 seats
in Great Britain in an effort to portray itself as a national party. Leader
Nigel Farage believed to favour this approach.
- Others, including sitting BXP MEP John Longworth, arguing that the party
should focus on around 20-30 Leave-voting Labour-held seats as its best chance
of getting into parliament.
- For the Conservatives, BXP is a major obstacle in either case. 
- If BXP stands in all seats it could see Leave-supporting votes siphoned off in
Conservative held seats, allowing Labour or the Liberal Democrats to come
through the middle and win the seat.
- If BXP focuses on select Labour seats, it could split the Leave vote, denying
the Conservatives the opportunity to make the gains it needs to win a majority.