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(Z1) Needle Still Points South


(Z1) Corrective Cycle


Flat To Lower In Asia


Lacklustre 2-Year Auction

Date Time Period Event
25-May 0700 Apr Public Sector Finances
25-May 1100 May CBI Distributive Trades
25-May 1700 --- BOE's Tenreyro lecture on econ challenges from pandemic
27-May 1200 --- BOE's Vlieghe on what yields tells us about growth/inf
28-May 0730 --- DMO to release gilt operations calendar for Jul to Sep
01-Jun 0930 May IHS Markit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI (Final)
01-Jun 1600 --- Bailey on building a clean, resilient, just fin system
02-Jun 0001 May BRC Monthly Shop Price Index
02-Jun 0930 Apr BOE Lending to Individuals / M4
03-Jun 0930 May IHS Markit/CIPS Services PMI (Final)
03-Jun 0930 May BOE Decision Maker Panel data published
03-Jun 1700 --- Bailey on how fin sector can take action on climate chg
04-Jun 0101 May IHS Markit/REC Jobs Report
04-Jun 0930 May IHS Markit/CIPS Construction PMI