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Gilt curve and the Pound


First Hike on June 23 Is Now Very Likely


PLN Weakness Is Weighing on Polish Equities

US TSYS SUMMARY: Tsys trades lower/off late morning lows by the bell, albeit on
light volume (TYU<700k), ongoing quiet summer trade, sidelined accts into the
Fed chair semi-annual MonPol testimony Tue (1000ET). Little react to data:
retail sales (+0.5%), Jul Empire Manufacturing Index (22.6) and May business
inventories (+0.4%).
- US$ index softer: DXY -0.178 to 94.499; US$/Yen lower -.12 to 112.26
(112.56H/112.11L); equities weaker (emini -7.25, 2796.0); gold weaker (XAU
-1.41, 1240.04); West Texas crude under heavy pressure (WTI -2.70, 68.31), sell
off after Shell annc ends force majeure on exports, then again on Russia's Trump
comment "not interested in driving prices up (energy) as it drains other areas
- Rates extended session lows into late morning trade, coincided w/positive
research report from BoA heralding "strong earnings growth and low defaults" are
"around the corner". Light deal-tied flow, large FVU/WNU steepener Block:
(+18,328 FVU, 113-16.5 vs. -3,455 WNU, 159-28). Tsy cash/ylds: 2Y 99-25.75
(2.599%), 5Y 99-13.25 (2.750%), 10Y 100-04.5 (2.856%), 30Y 103-05 (2.963%)
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