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US VIEW: Update on Taxes and Congress: Sen. GOP Whip John Corneyn expects
House-Senate conference report on US tax bill may be ready Friday and expected
an announcement on that measure "very soon," said Bloomberg.
- Pres. Trump signed $700B military budget into law, said White House; budget
has "military's biggest raise in 8 years" at 2.4% pay raise. Natl Defense
Authorizatn Act also "increases rather than shrinks the size of our forces for
the first time in 7 years", ensures US "military remains the world's preeminent
fighting force, which is vital to the Administration's peace-through-strength
strategy," it said; "authorizes funding to allow for the continued defeat of
ISIS and cover critical missile defense capabilities to confront the threat
posed by N.Korea;" "takes concrete steps to rebuild US military readiness."
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