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CHF LIBOR FIX - 11-05-2021


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Y108.03-42 Resistance Key This.....>

DOLLAR-YEN TECHS: Y108.03-42 Resistance Key This Week
*RES 4: Y108.03 Low Feb 9 now resistance 
*RES 3: Y107.93 21-DMA 
*RES 2: Y107.68 High Feb 27 
*RES 1: Y106.93 Hourly support Feb 28 now resistance
*PRICE: Y106.68 @ 2030GMT
*SUP 1: Y106.36 Low Feb 26 
*SUP 2: Y106.10 Low Feb 19 
*SUP 3: Y105.50 Monthly High Oct 2016 now support 
*SUP 4: Y101.15 Monthly Low Nov 9 2016
*COMMENTARY: The Y108.03-42 resistance region remains key. Bulls need a close
above Y108.42 to confirm a break of the 21-DMA and bear channel top (Y107.54),
hinting at a correction to Y110.47 and above Y109.78 to confirm. While Y108.42
caps bears retain the upper hand and remain focused on Y105.50 with a close
below Y106.36 to add weight to their case. Bears continue to look for a close
below Y105.50 to reconfirm focus on Y98.95-101.16.