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Flows In IR Strip


Tight Start, T-Notes Test Thursday's Range


Lowe Speech Fails To Buoy AUD

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In 2027, the year that marks the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army, the condition for the mainland to reunify Taiwan will be more mature because the PLA's advantage against foreign intervention, especially from the U.S., will be much more overwhelming, the Global Times reported citing Li Fei, a professor at the Taiwan Research Institute at Xiamen University. The Communist Party of China showcased its military might, including 15 J-20s stealth fighter jets, to demonstrate it is capable of "smashing" all attempts that try to interrupt China's national reunification, at a ceremony on Thursday marking the centennial of the party, the newspaper said. At the ceremony, Chairman Xi Jinping vowed to "utterly defeat" attempt at Taiwan independence, according to the newspaper.