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(Z9) Holds Above Former Channel Top....>

SCHATZ TECHS: (Z9) Holds Above Former Channel Top
*RES 4: 112.165 Low Sep 13 and former breakout level
*RES 3: 112.105 High Oct 23/24
*RES 2: 112.080 High Nov 31 and Nov 1 and near-term upside trigger
*RES 1: 112.040 High Nov 14
*PRICE: 111.995 @ 04:52 GMT Nov 19
*SUP 1: 111.964 Former bear channel resistance
*SUP 2: 111.960 Low Nov 11
*SUP 3: 111.940 Low Nov 7 and bear trigger
*SUP 4: 111.815 1.000 projection of Sep 3 - Sep 13 decline from Oct 3 high
Z9 Schatz last week cleared its bear channel resistance at 112.005. The channel
was drawn off the Sep 3 high. The break signals scope for a stronger recovery
despite the move lower yesterday and attention is on resistance at 112.080, Nov
1 high. Clearance of this level is required to highlight a stronger bullish
environment. Initial support lies at 111.964, the former channel top. A clear
break of this support is needed to reinstate a bearish theme.