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Pullback Considered Corrective


Holding Above Recent Lows


BLOCK, Large 3Y Midcurve Put Condor

JGBS: A fairly contained overnight session for JGB futures against some of the
more recent offerings, at least on a closing basis, with the contract -5 ticks
vs. the Tokyo settlement at the close of business.
- RTRS sources reported that "as the fallout from the U.S.-China trade war
broadens, Bank of Japan policymakers are more open to discussing the possibility
of expanding stimulus at their board meeting on Sept 18-19. Increasing signs of
a slowdown in global demand have made Japanese central bankers less confident
about an early pickup in global growth, but their decision on whether or not to
take further action to deal with it will be a close call for a divided board."
- There is little that shocks in the report, with familiar potential easing
methods discussed.
- 5-Year supply and the quarterly BSI survey headline the local docket today.
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