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Gilt/Bund spread breaks above the double top


Weekly Claims, Retail Sales, TIC Flows

A very muted session for core global...>

BOND SUMMARY: A very muted session for core global FI thus far. T-Notes -0-05 at
131-07, holding to a 4+-tick range thus far, with the curve experiencing some
light twist steepening in early cash trade. Eurodollar futures sit 0.25-1.5
ticks lower through the reds.
- Aussie Bond futures also in a tight range, hovering around SYCOM closing
levels. YM +1.0, XM +4.5. YM/XM sits at 23.5 as a result. Bills 1 tick lower to
1 tick higher through the reds. A$500mn of ACGB 2.75% 21 November 2029 supply is
due at the top of the hour.
- JGB futures edge higher in early trade this week, with local data having
little impact on the space, as is the norm. Contract last +7 ticks, with
super-long paper underperforming on the curve, marginally extending on Friday's
Kuroda-inspired steepening.
- There is little on the Asia-Pacific docket to inspire any real hope of a burst
of activity. Focus will likely fall on Chinese market activity in lieu of last
Friday's RRR cut from the PBoC.
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