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Asian Summary


Asian stocks pared some of their gains in early European hours, after being boosted by positive Global sentiment.

  • Vaccines, US transition proceeding, brought some optimism.
  • Nikkei 225 hits best levels since 1991 after Dow Jones eclipsed 30,000, but has since faded.
  • Hang Seng gains was led by HSBC and traded in tandem with other Asian indices.
  • China's Premier Li says growth to return to "proper range" in 2021
  • Some of the fading going into the European session has mostly been attributed by positioning, and more likely corrective, following the latest rallies.
  • Some squaring ahead of the FOMC Minutes and thanksgiving has also been a function of the price action.
  • Nikkei: 26,296.26
  • China 50 16,472.78
  • Hang Seng: 26,629
  • Kospi: 2,601.54
  • ASX 200: 6683.3
  • Shanghai Comp. 3393.022
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