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  • US-Germany joint statement notes Berlin does not rule out sanctions against Russia if Moscow uses energy "as a weapon" or takes further aggressive actions against Ukraine
  • Russia's Washington Ambassador condemns accusations of aggression in the context of Nord Stream 2 following the US-Germany joint statement on the pipeline.
    • Says attempts to present Russia as the aggressor are futile and groundless, noting Russia's long-standing honest interactions with Europe on hydrocarbons
    • never using energy resources as a weapon of political pressure. Also said Russia is ready to deliver "as much hydrocarbons as needed"
  • Russian foreign ministry says US relations are nearing a dangerous confrontational threshold, adding that pressure from Washington will be met with unwavering opposition from Moscow.
    • Lavrov said the UDS continues to blatantly violate international law and escalate tensions
  • Ukraine's Zelensky set to discuss security issues RE Russian aggression, strengthening energy security of Ukraine & Europe, military and defense cooperation in his visit to the US (August 30).
    • Risks surrounding crimea and the Black sea will be key issues, with Ukraine looking to "reach concrete agreements on deepening strategic relations with the US." Notes Ukraine's Chief of Staff Kuleba will travel to the US soon to discuss the content of Zelensky's visit
  • Data: 1700BST: Industrial production y/y exp at 11.0% vs 11.8%