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Short-Term Outlook Remains Bullish

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Following a meeting on Capitol Hill with House Democrats, President Biden has released the details of the framework for his Build Back Better social safety net/infrastructure package totaling USD1.75trn of spending.

  • There remains significant confusion among Congressional reporters regarding whether there is full support among all 50 Democratic senators for the framework (not the same as having all 50 in favour of a vote).
  • There is also a lack of clarity on the smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF). Some have said that support is there in the House to get the Senate-approve package voted on, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her team launching a full whipping operation to secure the vote, which could be called as early as today.
  • Other reporters have suggested that the House Progressive Caucus is going to hold firm and not vote for the BIF until a vote is set up on the Build Back Better package.

Spending Table For Build Back Better Framework

Source: NBC

Revenue Table for Build Back Better Framework

Source: NBC News