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  • President Bolsonaro said that there is no evidence of fraud in the electoral system, but evidence exists that the system is susceptible to fraud, according to remarks in a broadcast on his social media accounts.
  • Bolsonaro asked for an auditable vote and accused Supreme Court Justice and Electoral Court President Luis Roberto Barroso of wanting undemocratic elections. (BBG)
  • Bolsonaro added:
    • Barroso wants a future that doesn't fit with democracy.
    • Barroso seems to have a personal interest in the current electoral system.
    • It seems that Barroso wants to impose the next president.
  • *Drought is making one of Brazil's most important river systems unnavigable, making it more challenging and costly for the commodities powerhouse to get grains and iron ore out to global markets. (BBG)
    • The Parana River Basin in central Brazil is experiencing its worst water crisis in 91 years, according to the national grid operator, with June flows at 55% of the historical average for the month to sink to the lowest on record.