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EURGBP test initial MNI tech resistance


E-MINI S&P (Z1): Remains Below The 50-Day EMA

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The EU Commission has published a series of so-called 'non-papers' Monday, proposing solutions to key operational problems of the EU-UK Northern Ireland Protocol, such as long-term supply of generic and over-the-counter medicines, transport of guide dogs and livestock. The solution for medicines allows regulatory compliance for medicines supplied to the Northern Ireland market only, to be permanently located in Great Britain, subject to conditions ensuring that these are not further distributed in the EU Internal Market.

The Commission has also proposed ways to clarify and ease rules around storage of EU-origin animal products in the UK before shipment to Northern Ireland, adding that it will work through the summer to identify ways in which it can make the current difficult implementation of the NIP more flexible and practical, following the recent announcement by the UK that it would seek an overhaul of the Protocol.of the EU Single Market."