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Health Ministers Release Joint Statement




Precatorios Bill May Be Voted On This Thursday


Chairman Powell

US: /CHINA: An Axios report notes that "in an Oval Office interview on Friday
afternoon, President Trump told me that he held off on imposing sanctions
against Chinese officials involved with the Xinjiang mass detention camps
because doing so would have interfered with his trade deal with Beijing. Asked
why he hadn't yet enacted sanctions against Chinese Communist Party officials or
entities tied to the camps where the Chinese government detains Uighurs and
other Muslim minorities, Trump replied, "Well, we were in the middle of a major
trade deal." "And I made a great deal, $250 billion potentially worth of
purchases. And by the way, they're buying a lot, you probably have seen." Trump
continued: "And when you're in the middle of a negotiation and then all of a
sudden you start throwing additional sanctions on - we've done a lot. I put
tariffs on China, which are far worse than any sanction you can think of.""
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