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Bullish Price Sequence

Concerns about the UK election.........>

BOND SUMMARY: Concerns about the UK election outcome have led to a deterioration
in risk appetite, putting core bonds on the front foot led by gilts.
- The Kantar poll published this morning showed that the Tory lead over Labour
is beginning to shrink, reducing the probability that the Conservatives will win
a majority. GBP FX initially sold off before gilts moved higher, USTs and Bunds
then followed before equities started to trade heavier on the day.
- The economic data calendar is very quiet today and the only Fed speaker
scheduled is Brainard who will discuss the policy framework review.
- TY1 futures are up 0-3 today at 129-19+ with 10y UST yields down -1.0bp at
1.746% and 2y yields down -1.2bp at 1.591%.
- Bund futures are up 0.10 today at 171.19 with 10y Bund yields down -1.1bp at
-0.361% and Schatz yields down -0.7bp at -0.641%.
- Gilt futures are up 0.34 today at 132.46 with 10y yields down -3.5bp at 0.659%
and 2y yields down -2.0bp at 0.493%.