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UK: Debate in both gov't and opposition over when a general election should take
- Within gov't: 
--In favour of 2019 GE argue that polls showing Con with large lead over Lab
present a good opportunity to win maj, and bringing back Withdrawal Agreement
Bill (WAB) would see amendments made to tie UK into EU CU, angering Leavers. 
--In favour of bringing back WAB argue Con vote will be split by Brexit Party if
GE is held before leaving, and that while polls look good the party won't be
able to offset loss of seats in Scotland, SW London and SW Eng to Lib Dems with
gains in Lab seats in N England, which are 'Lab before Leave'. 
- Within Labour:
-- In favour of 2019 GE arguing that once extension is in place the optics of
refusing an election will look bad for party.
-- Against say that the no deal Brexit is still risk if Con win maj, and that
polling for Lab and Corbyn shows strong likelihood of losing the election.