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Eur/Usd: Europe open $1.1983, range....>

EURO SUMMARY: Eur/Usd: Europe open $1.1983, range $1.1965-95, NY open $1.1986,
range $1.1873-1.1990
*Gained a lift on release of US PPI data slight miss weighing on the
Usd and took rate from around $1.1976 to $1.1990, but just as quickly eased off
to $1.1980.
*A sharp drop in the pair following a sharp spike in US Tsys yields
and a quick drop in XAU saw the rate drop to fresh intra-day low of
*Broad based dollar demand continued its theme, as the rate dropped to
fresh lows of $1.1904. The move coincided with US Tsys yields rising and XAU
*Stops were triggered on the break of $1.1900, as broad based
dollar demand continued, as the pair printed a fresh intra-day low of $1.1884.
*Further dollar demand witnessed the rate print a fresh intra-day low of $1.1873
before bouncing towards $1.1890.