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Peso Loses Some Altitude


Coronavirus Cases Drop To Two-Month Low

Eurodollar is mainly down........>

US EURODLR FUTURES: Eurodollar is mainly down across the strip apart from the
very short end which is very mildy up. The U.S had a national holiday on Monday,
Columbus Day... Volumes suffered despite Dec rate hike probability coming back
up above 80% from hovering around 70% most of last week, currently at 80.2%.
Current White pack (Dec'17-Sep'18): 
* Dec'17 unch at 98.480
* Mar'18 +0.005 at 98.360 
* Jun'18 +0.005 at 98.260
* Sep'18 unch at 98.175 
* Red pack (Dec'18-Sep'19) unch to -0.005 
* Green pack (Dec'19-Sep'20) unch to -0.005 
* Blue pack (Dec'20-Sep'21) -0.010 to -0.010 
* Gold pack (Dec'21-Sep'22) -0.010 to -0.010