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     LONDON, AUGUST 14 (MNI) - Below are the known dates for auctions of
European bonds and U.K. gilts. In addition, forthcoming syndication deals in the
pipeline are also listed below, along with a summary of recent MNI exclusive
comments from EMU debt agencies.
DATE      (UK)      COUNTRY  AMOUNT                        DETAILS       COMMENT
20 Aug    1030           UK                 0.125% Aug-28 I/L Gilt       Re-open
21 Aug    1030      Germany   E2bln                  % Bund Aug-50           New
26 Aug             ESM/EFSF                      Week of Aug 26-30      Optional
27 Aug    1000        Italy                              CTZ/BTPEi    TBA Aug 22
27 Aug    1030      Germany   E5bln                % Schatz Sep-21           New
29 Aug    1000        Italy                                M/L BTP    TBA Aug 26
03 Sep    1015      Austria                           RAGB auction
03 Sep    1030           UK                     0.625% Jun-25 Gilt       Re-open
04 Sep    1030      Germany   E4bln                  % Bobl Oct-24       Re-open
05 Sep    0945        Spain                              Bono/Obli
05 Sep    0950       France                                L/T OAT
05 Sep    1030           UK                     0.875% Oct-29 Gilt       Re-open
10 Sep    1000  Netherlands                       0.25% Jul-29 DSL       Re-open
12 Sep    1015      Ireland                                            TBA Sep 9
23 Sep             ESM/EFSF                      Week of Sep 23-27      Optional
24 Sep    1030           UK                 0.125% Aug-48 I/L Gilt       Re-open
     GREECE: Ekathimerini article published July 9 cited PDMA officials re
possible Greek bond sale later in July, or first half of September. Likely
3-/5-/ or 10- year issue, around E3bln (longer duration does not appear to be in
     FINLAND: The State Treasury does not publish a calendar of auctions.
Information on upcoming bond auctions is announced approximately one week before
the auction date.
UK: The next DMO consultation meeting with investors and GEMMs will be held on
August 19.
- A syndication for a conventional gilt with maturity of at least 35 years will
be held in September.
--MNI London Bureau; +44 203 865 3808; email: