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USD/CAD Continues to Test Key Support

France, Spain, the.........>

EUROZONE T-BILL ISSUANCE: France, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland and the ESM
will issue T-Bills this week with total supply estimated at E10.95bln compared
to E19.2bln last week.
- RECAP: The Netherlands sold E1.48bln of 6-month Apr 30, 2020 DTCs on Monday.
On the same day France sold 3-/6-/12-month BTFs for a combined E4.58bln. On
Tuesday the ESM sold E2.5bln of 6-month bills and Spain sold E3.0bln of 3-month
and 9-month letras.
- ISSUANCE: Finland will sell 3-month and 6-month bills for a combined E1.5bln
on Wednesday. 
- CASH FLOW: There are E7.6bln in redemptions which will leave net cash flow at
E3.3bln for the week. ** For further details please see MNI Eurozone T-Bill
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