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Peso Loses Some Altitude


Coronavirus Cases Drop To Two-Month Low

FOREX: G10 FX remains quiet, despite the sharp price moves in equity and fixed
income - NZD modestly outperforming with CHF the laggard. Some head-scratching
going on as to why stereotypical safe havens (CHF, JPY) haven't benefited from
the equity and bond sell-off:
-The answer appears to be in high beta currencies (ZAR, PLN, RUB, TRY), which
have been relatively stable despite domestic equity markets suffering. Some
select currencies have dropped (ILS, IDR, BRL), however the moves are well
within recent volatility and price ranges.
-The contained price action in global FX and lack of follow-through from falling
stock prices may suggest that the recent price slump in equities at this stage
is fast-money driven and more a result of profit-taking (albeit in size) rather
than a sea change in sentiment for the broader investment landscape.
-It may be some time before this theory can be proven correct or false, but the
longer spot FX stays sanguine, the more likely this is to be the case.