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Plenty Of Holidays In Play This Week


Regional Holidays Sap Liquidity In Asia


Tight Ranges In Holiday Session

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  • E4.5bn of the 0.00% Aug-26 BTP; Average yield 0.02%, bid-to-cover 1.29x, allotment price 99.91, pre-auction mid-price 99.89.
  • E3.0bn of the 0.95% Dec-31 BTP; Average yield 0.66%, bid-to-cover 1.33x, allotment price 102.88, pre-auction mid-price 102.80.
  • E1.25bn of the Apr-29 CCTeu; Average yield 0.05%, bid-to-cover 1.86x, allotment price 100.63, pre-auction mid-price 100.52.