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US DATA REACT: JPM economist Zina Bushra Sajid said that "rising energy prices
boost import prices in August," noting that the "import price index moved up
0.6% in August, slightly above expectations (consensus: 0.4%, JPM: 0.5%). The
year-ago rate accelerated to 2.1% from 1.2%. The monthly gain was driven largely
by a 4.2% increase in prices of imported energy. Away from energy, import prices
also surprised modestly to the upside (0.3%), and the year-ago rate firmed from
0.7% to 1.0%."
- The econmist added that "within the ex-fuels measure, food prices increased
modestly (+0.3%). Prices of nonfuel industrial supplies rose 0.8% following weak
outturns in the prior three months. Prices of core industrial supplies had been
trending lower in recent months. This category tends to track Chinese producer
prices, which had cooled between April and July."